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High speed tomato paste filling machine

High speed tomato paste filling machine

The fastest vertical packaging machine for envelope paste With the ability to fill 50 to 100 grams with the ability to add jet print

. High speed tomato paste filling machine


All food liquids are pasteurized and sterile to prevent spoilage and increase shelf life.

In the traditional packaging system

After pasteurization or sterilization, liquid foods that are filled and packed in metal or glass cans can stay healthy for months before opening the lid, and sterile canned food can stay healthy for up to 2 years on store shelves. stay

In the hands of the consumer, after opening the lid of a metal or glass can, it remains healthy only in the refrigerator for a maximum of 1 week, and after that it quickly gets moldy and spoils, and the whole food item becomes unusable. .

This defect is more severe for tropical countries.

The best way to fix this defect is to pack food in small pasteurized and sterile containers.

To produce light weight food products in metal and glass cans, the cost ratio of the whole product is much higher than the food inside the container. Therefore, basically, the production of low-weight food inside metal and glass containers has no economic justification.

Taking these things into consideration, we have designed and manufactured a high-speed packaging machine for tomato paste in pouch

Description:   high speed multilane tomato paste sachet packaging machine

This machine is one of the fastest tip of single-person tomato paste packaging machine and is completely competitive with European machines of the same class, and in addition to producing high-capacity sachets with designs and nozzles, this makes So that the tomato paste can be easily removed from the packaging nozzle after opening the Easy Open sachet.

machine mechanism:

Pneumatic electro-mechanical hybrid device with the feature of producing four-sided sealing sachet packages. The device works with the filling mechanism and fills from the bottom to the top to discharge the closed internal air

Machine setting features:

The machine has a PLC control system and a 7-inch color touch screen panel, and the machine speed can be adjusted by an inverter, and all alarms and user information of the operator are displayed in Persian/English and Custom language in a user-friendly manner.

The ability to adjust the filling volume both mechanically and on the touch panel

The ability to adjust the length of the sachet from the touch panel

Sealing temperature control by PLC

Batch control of produced sachets for filling in cartons (counting the number of sachets in a carton)

Motorized roll control system on the touch panel

The control system for adjusting the edges of the sachets is motorized and on the touch panel

Production date engraver - easy open and sealing in a simple way or with a nozzle design according to the order

It has an automatic control valve for the sauce receiving tank

Temperature control system of received sauce to avoid cold filling of hot sauces (ketchup) to prevent product spoilage

Technical Information:

Production speed (sachets per minute) 100 to 200 sachets- 70 grams tomato paste sachet (according to the volume, weight and type of filling material)

The width of the bag is 80 mm, the length of the bag is 140 mm for 70 grams tomato paste

Sachet filling weight (in different formats) 50 to 100 grams

The maximum energy consumption is 6 kilowatt hours, three phase 380 volts

The weight of the device is 1800 kg

It has a 2-meter conveyor belt (conveyor for food industry) with inverter speed control

. more details:

Industrial automation system for monitoring and controlling the production process of tomato paste and fruit puree in multi-stage vacuum evaporators.

This system has a 10.4-inch color touch screen panel, and the operator can easily activate or deactivate a part of the line by touching any icon on the panel while viewing the schematic of the production line and the process in real life.

All important parameters such as steam and air pressure, condensate vacuum, pipes of receiving and condensate tanks, pasteurizer and evaporator temperatures are displayed on the figure of each section.

The system automatically announces all alarms at different levels. Also, in this line, an online refractometer is used, and the Brix output of the product is automatically controlled and adjusted during the display. In the same way, the liquid level differential pressure transmitters monitor and control the steps of the device.