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Weighing rotary filling machine

Weighing rotary filling machine

Rotary filling machine for cans and jars, pastes and all kinds of sauces and syrups and thick liquids The ability to fill by weight and heat with high accuracy independent of the product temperature

Rotary weighing filling machine for thick liquids

This machine is the only machine in the country that can weigh any container in a rotary way and after zeroing the weight of the container, fill the thick liquid in the container with a very high precision weight.

In most machines in the world, for simplicity, thick liquids are filled by a piston filling mechanism. The disadvantage of all these devices is that, considering that most food liquids such as tomato sauce and tomato paste are pasteurized by hot filling, due to temperature changes, the volume of the liquid increases due to temperature expansion, and as the temperature decreases in The contraction effect is reduced. Therefore, the filling volume of piston filling machines changes according to the temperature tolerance and the filling accuracy is low, so both the product manufacturer and the consumer lose.

Therefore, after 10 years of research, we succeeded in making a weighing and rotary filling machine for thick liquids in a completely creative and unique way.

It should be noted that basically this device is not copied from any other device and is designed and manufactured by our company from 0 to 100.

We must say that in some machines, a mass flowmeter is used to increase the accuracy of filling, and due to the high price of this equipment, the price of these machines has gone up a lot and the manufacturing plants have to pay a lot of costs. It costs a lot to buy these machines and it is not possible for many small and medium factories.

Considering the weight filling mechanism of this machine, especially in expensive thick liquids such as honey, tomato sauce and tomato paste, high weight filling accuracy increases the efficiency and economic efficiency of the manufactured product and increases the fair profit of the manufacturing factories.