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horizontal sterilization autoclave

High capacity horizontal autoclave device up to 10,000 liters with loading capability Unloading the wagon or product basket in a motorized and automatic way

Autoclave is used for sterilization, pasteurization of half-cooked and blanching vegetables and cooking of food products to produce all kinds of preserves and compotes, as well as sterile pharmaceutical products.

Paya autoclave has been designed and manufactured by combining the best European technologies of the style in the autoclave, sterilizer and pasteurizer manufacturing industry.

According to the design and arrangements, our horizontal autoclave has the ability to sterilize and pasteurize a wide range of glass packages (autoclaves with a simple direct steam injection system often lack such ability and the glass is damaged and broken), metal cans, flexible envelopes, It has retort, pasteurization and sterilization as well as cooking and sterilization process for all types of meat protein products such as canned tuna fish.

In addition to the variety of sterilization, pasteurization, blanching, and cooking of food products, our autoclaves cover a wide range of containers with small dimensions and weights of a few grams to 17 kg cans.

- Pasteurization of various products, such as the production of all fruits compote, peach compote, apricot compote, cherry, pear, apple, strawberry, pickled cucumber, all kinds of pickles and tomato paste in glass and metal cans from 50 grams to 17 kilo cans and Flexible envelopes

- Sterilization for all protein products such as canned beans, beans with mushrooms, mushrooms, peas, corn, chickpeas, lentils, canned olives and canned meats such as tuna and various canned meats in glass and metal cans and flexible envelopes that can be retorted

- Blanching and half-cooking all kinds of vegetables

During the sterilization process, with very precise and intelligent and user-friendly operation of the control system and due to the variety of selected programs, the packaging has not been subjected to any destructive stress, and the phenomenon of glass containers breaking and deforming and changing the shape of metal cans and bursting and tearing the package Flexible envelope clauses do not happen.

Autoclave capacity can be made from 1 to 6 basket according to the order. The capacity of each basket for half-kilogram metal cans (75 x 110 mm) is 1150 cans, so for example, the capacity of 4-basket autoclave is 4600 cans and the capacity of 6-basket autoclave is 6900 half-kilogram cans.

The autoclave is equipped with a special electric pump made in Western Europe with a 316 steel impeller. The proper use of this powerful pump reduces the sterilization time and consequently preserves the nutritional value of the color and taste of the food product.

Due to the design and construction of the autoclave and the sterilization time, the consumption of electrical energy and steam has been effectively reduced, and due to the use of the best European technology, if the autoclave is equipped with a cooling tower, the consumption of the cooling water of the autoclave will be It reaches zero.

Unlike the simple process of autoclave with direct injection of steam, in the PAYA autoclave, hot water flow is used on the packaging, so the product is more evenly heated and the heat penetrates to the center point of the container in less time and reaches the temperature required, which preserves the nutritional value of the color and taste of the product.

During the sterilization process of the autoclave, all stages of preheating and increasing the corresponding temperature and pressure, holding temperature and pressure, and cooling with cold water by the intelligent PLC system and the powerful, flexible and user-friendly software of the autoclave are under continuous monitoring and all data curves and graphs are displayed and automatically printed and presented.

According to the European technology used, if using a cooling tower and a closed cooling cycle, water consumption will be zero, so it is possible to use soft water with hard resin and soft RO water, and this is in addition to the above. Increasing the efficiency and lowering the working cycle and increasing the life of the system prevents the settling and deposition of lime salts on cans and containers during the autoclave sterilization and pasteurization process.

The body of the autoclave is made of all steel. According to the installed electric mechanism, the basket are transferred to the end of the autoclave without the operator's hand pressure, and in the same way, each basket is taken out from the end of the autoclave electrically. The autoclave door is completely integrated and made by casting from 316 steel material with a diameter of 1550 mm (completely integrated and without any welding parts). Therefore, in addition to achieving safety in high temperatures and pressures, it can be opened and closed easily and very smoothly by the operator. During the sterilization process, we will not see any leakage of steam or hot water from the autoclave door.

In terms of preventing energy loss and user safety to prevent contact with hot parts of the body, the autoclave is isolated by several layers of thermal insulation and covered by a transparent steel final coating.

Autoclave technical specifications:

Horizontal autoclave with mechanized and electric loading and unloading of baskets

Autoclave capacity from 1 to 6 baskets (each basket has 1150 half-kilo cans of 75 x 110 mm)

Making the door in the autoclave as a casting and integrated from 304 steel (without welding)

The body of the autoclave is made entirely of 304 steel

Working pressure and temperature according to order (for sterilization under 121 degrees temperature and 1.2 bar pressure)

With a self-cooling system (zero water consumption if using a cooling tower)

Monitoring system and touch panel

It has a data log for automatic recording and printing of data, graphs and curves

PLC control system with practical and user-friendly user interface

Sterile method with hot water fall (WATER FALL

The superiority and special capabilities of PAYA autoclave

1- Ability to sterilize and pasteurize a wide range of liquids and products with different viscosities (from canned corn to tomato paste)

2-Sterilization capability of multi-gram packages