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Hospital horizontal autoclave

Hospital horizontal autoclave

High capacity horizontal autoclave device up to 10,000 liters with loading capability Unloading the wagon or product basket in a motorized and automatic way

6,200-liter and 10,000-liter horizontal sterilizer autoclaves for sterilization and decontamination and disposal of hospital waste.

Device operation:

Therefore, due to being contaminated, hospital remains cannot be landed and buried directly in the ground because they cause environmental pollution and the spread of various diseases. A hospital autoclave is used to destroy and neutralize hospital residues. In this device, first in the hospital, pathogenic and dangerous residues are poured into special porous bags with shrinking capability, and the ends of the bags are tied and secured with a waist belt.

Then the bags are placed inside the autoclave sliding wagon, after filling the wagon, it goes into the autoclave and the autoclave door is closed.

After closing the door and activating the interlock for safety, the autoclave ready command is issued to the PLC controller system.

After starting the device, the air inside the autoclave is quickly evacuated by a powerful vacuum pump. This stage of the process is very important because after the air inside the autoclave and the air inside the special hot steam bags are emptied, it can penetrate inside each of the residue bags.

After reaching the maximum vacuum inside the device and announcing it by pressure transmitters to the PLC control system, the autoclave goes to the steam injection stage and continues until the temperature reaches 135 degrees Celsius. After reaching the above temperature, the timing starts and while maintaining the temperature, the heating stage starts and continues according to the planning under high temperature and pressure and according to the predetermined schedule. After the heating time has passed, the cooling stage starts and the vapors and heat of the torus inside the autoclave are automatically discharged, and at the same time, the sap inside the bags, which is completely safe and sterilized, is discharged outside the autoclave. And the cooling of the bags inside the autoclave starts.

Then, after making sure that the temperature of the shringed bags has dropped, the control system breaks the vacuum inside the autoclave, and after the pressure inside the autoclave is compressed with atmospheric pressure, the completion of the safety process is announced with audio alarms and also on the touch panel, and the control system issues permission to open the autoclave door and empty the bags.

A view of the autoclave operation steps and related timings are displayed on the touch panel, and all pressure and temperature curves are recorded online for access and future reference.

  The control system has the possibility of reporting the operation history of the working patches of the device and pressure and temperature graphs with the ability to report by flash memory to control environmental authorities and periodic inspections to ensure the operation of the autoclave.

The entire body of the autoclave is made of stainless steel, and for safety and to reduce steam consumption, the autoclave body is insulated with 5 cm stone wool insulation and double-walled, and then covered with steel sheet.